Deciding what domain to choose for your business is a challenge. The more that you will feel its effects throughout the entire period of the company’s operation. Therefore, regardless of whether you are just taking your first steps in business on the Internet, or planning to put up another website, thanks to which you will go out with your products or services to the foreign market, you need to think carefully about this issue. First of all, remember that sometimes it’s not worth sticking to imaginary domain names and paying for them space amounts. Specialists from the Internet marketing agency Sfeo Agency suggest how to assess the attractiveness of a domain in terms of usefulness for SEO and in terms of marketing.


Keywords in the domain name are not so important nowadays. Of course, Google still emphasizes that their exact match in the url address to words entered in the search engine will always be noticed by Google robots. It is worth remembering, however, that the keyword can also be added after the slash. Therefore, overpaying for a perfectly matched domain is senseless.


As says in this case, it’s about choosing a domain in the context of the entire marketing strategy. You must know that splitting words in a domain name with a dash can result in many problems with its subsequent transmission, remembering, and spelling correctly. Certainly, you know from your own experience that you intuitively remember domains without special characters, such as a dash.


Just a few to several years ago, domains whose name began with the letter “e” or “e” with a dash were very popular. Unfortunately, just like in the example described above, you can easily forget about prefixes. And such unknowingly bypassing them by potential customers very often drives traffic on the competition side.

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