Aerial Dance is a sport that combines dance with acrobatics in the air. The whole thing is done using a wheel – aerial hoop (example of aerial hoop you can find here: ) . Until recently, this type of sport was reserved only for people interested in circus acrobatics. Meanwhile, more and more often you can see Aerial Dance classes in fitness clubs. Therefore, more and more questions arise – how to dress for classes? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Aerial dance – sports outfit

When getting dressed for aerial dance classes, you undoubtedly need a sports outfit. Below are some tips that can be very useful for anyone who are going to sport classes in fitness clubs.

First of all, remember about choosing proper underwear. It is important to have a well-fitting sports top or bra. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort around your bra. As you know, it is really important when doing sports.

Many women choose to wear leggings. This is a good idea. However, a common mistake is to put on a t-shirt . For Aerial Dance you need a long-sleeved top! This is very important as the long sleeves protect against abrasions.

What elese?

You can exercise barefoot or wearing socks. Whether or not we wear socks depends mainly on personal preferences.

Of course, apart from the appropriate clothing, you also need to remember the basics that are related to playing sports. Hair should be ponytailed. In addition, in some fitness clubs you have to remember about remove the jewelry


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