What is the influence of plasticizers on concrete mix? Where are they used outside of construction? You can find the answers to these questions in this article.



Plasticizers are substances whose function is to influence the physical properties of another substance or end product. Plasticizers are widely used in the PVC industry. They affect the extensibility of PVC, which is why they are involved in the production of products such as pipes, cables, gaskets. In addition, they are involved in the production of all products made of rubber. However, the greatest popularity of plastic factors is observed in the construction industry. This is due to the fact that they are successfully added to the concrete mix.


Plasticizers for concrete mi

Skilful use of plasticizers can influence the properties of concrete and mortars. How exactly can plasticizers work? With their help, you can accelerate the hardening of concrete and cement mortars. In addition, they can be very helpful when carrying out construction works at low temperatures (they accelerate hardening of cement mortars at low temperatures). Another example of a positive effect of using a plasticizer is the increased resistance of concrete to scratching and damage.


The use of plasticizers is particularly appreciated by companies specializing in underfloor heating. Plasticizers are used in concrete mixtures used together with underfloor heating because they affect anti-corrosive properties.


In summary, plasticizers are an important element of concrete and cement mixtures. Their proper use may positively affect the quality of the construction works performed.

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