Silicones are primarily known for their sealing and insulating properties (thermal insulation and electrical insulation) and are therefore widely used in construction. However, besides, silicones are used in medicine, in the manufacturing, automotive and electronics industries. Few people know that silicone is a substance that is highly valued in the aerospace industry. We briefly describe why it is so valued in this industry in this article.

In the aerospace industry and, interestingly, also in the space industry, silicone is used because of its physical properties. What properties are we talking about?

  • sealing properties,
  • stability in the extreme temperature range,
  • anti-vibration properties, durability,
  • sound attenuation,
  • resistance to extreme temperatures

Resistance to extreme temperatures

Silicone varieties used in the aerospace industry are able to withstand conditions from -70 to +220 degrees Celsius. Of course, this is very important in the aeropace industry because the plane passes through large temperature fluctuations in a short time.


Silicone seals dashboards and other electrical systems in the cockpit of pilots. In addition, it is used as a shield to protect hundreds of wires and electrical components.

Anti-vibration properties

Air travel undoubtedly causes a lot of noise and vibration, which is why the anti-vibration properties of silicone are used to secure loose items on board. These may include overhead cupboards, ventilation ducts, lighting systems and many other items located in aircraft.

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