Semantic search tool is different from the traditional keyword-based search tool.This article focuses on the differences and how it can benefit the modern Enterprise.

Semantic search as the name suggests is all about the word ‘ meaning’. Semantic search is called so because is a technology that focuses on the meaning of a search query in order to find the most relevant results for that query.It is different from the traditional keyword-based search approach which is all about finding keyword matches in the results that would determine how relevant the results are in terms of the query.The difference in the approach means that a semantic search tool brings out more relevant results that are very close to what the user is looking for.

The higher efficiency of semantic search in finding the most relevant results is the reason Enterprises have insisted on this Technology to power enterprise search software. 3RDi Search is one example of such a semantic search tool that uses semantic Technology to analyse the users query,process it with a series of algorithms in order to bring out the results that the user wants. Another example of such a software is Swiftype which is a highly efficient platform for Enterprises to analyse information and process it in order to fetch the results the user wants.

Semantic search is what Enterprises need today because it is the search that really works. It allows uses to look for concepts that cater to the exact context of the query as opposed to simple keyword match.This way, search is made more simpler and at the same time, more accurate and error free.In addition to that it also takes care of the occasional typos and spelling mistakes in the query,by fetching the most accurate results irrespective of minor errors here and there.

Another great thing about semantic search tool is its intuitiveness.The more a person interacts with the semantic search tool,the mode tool can understand the intent of the user and then use this newfound information in bringing out the results that go on to become more and more accurate with time.

When seen in the context of New Age enterprise search software,search technology holds tremendous potential.To begin with,it can take the User experience to an all new height,by taking note of factors like user search history, user location,global search history and spelling variations, among others.

Along with natural language processing (NLP),semantic search technology has a key role to play in the success of voice search technology. Today,voice search is becoming more and more common place and this is all set to increase in the future.This stat by ComScore showcases it…

By the end of 2020, more than 50% of all searches will be voice search.

Semantic search tool will help enterprises make the users find right information just by speaking to the search software.

Another important aspect of a semantic search tool is that it also considers the synonyms of the terms in the query in order to face the results. This means a search for ‘motorcycles’ will also fetch relevant results for ‘bikes’ and ‘motorbikes’, which only broadens the results. In other words, it allows the user to find all the information relevant to their query, without having to look for results multiple times using different terms.

So, a semantic search tool can indeed prove to be a good investment for Enterprises todayFree Articles, because of the multiple benefits that it brings.

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