Google search on the web browser enables to do web browsing related to anything by simply entering the details in the search bar.

Steps to fix Google search bar not working in I phone:You can use it in all the devices like I phone and android. Suppose if you use Apple device and Google is not working in I phone, there can be many reasons of it. Hence to fix Google search bar not working you can refer to below details.

  • The silliest mistake that we make is, not checking for internet. Maybe Google search is not working because internet is not working, hence check for internet first
  • If Google chrome does not workFree Reprint Articles, look for latest version on play store and see if it is updated or not. And if not then update it.
  • In case Google stops responding right in middle of any work then you can refresh and reset your phone
  • And if your screen freezes totally then long press your power button and switch your system off for few minutes.

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